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ISO 50001 : 2018

ISO  50001 : 2018 Energy Management  System

ISO 50001 Is the international; standard for Energy management release in June 2011, that replace the British and European standard BS EN 16001:2009 . Energy efficiency and resources management are very relevant in today’s context of global warming and climate change. Energy production is responsible for sixty percent of the world s green house Gas emission . The proposal standard is in line with this requirement to help firm and organizations address and reference energy management  issue on global standard.


ISO 50001 is also proposed to be in line with ISO 9001 and 14001 standard that address quality management system and environment management issue . Also it will have the common element of ISO’s management standard like continual improvement vide Plan –Do- Check methods adopted in the earlier ISO management system standard.  ISO 50001 implementation is expected to address what the organization does to effectively manage energy resources and performance that is relevant to global standards.


ISO 50001  - Its key benefits

  • Validate continuous improvement in energy management
  • Significant financial saving can be achieved through increased energy efficiency ( energy prices will increase by 20%  by 2020.)
  • Measuring reports, benchmarking energy use improvement
  • Enhance market capability , make your business stand out
  • It is the most robust energy management system  enabling organization continual improvement on energy performance.
  • Create e improvement in the management of energy resources
  • Evaluate the improvement in implementation of energy efficient technology
  • Organization can ensure compliances with the legal and regulatory requirement
  • Promoting a framework for efficient use of energy in the organization
  • Helping organization to make better use of energy assets
  • System compatibility  ISO 5001 can be integrated with existing management system
  • Ensure best practice energy  management system are in best
  • Helping in procurement practices for energy using equipment and system.

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